About Us

Immaya Designs was founded by Mary M. Deemer who has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a crayon. Growing up in a plant nursery in Miami and Ifugao province of the Philippines, she practiced drawing landscapes and all sorts of plants and florals from a young age. The company was named after the founder’s nickname, “Immaya” (Em-my-ya) which means “kind” in the Filipino indigenous dialect of the Luzon Island.

Immaya Designs clothing and accessory brand started in December 2022, but the company has been around since 2005. The company started as a creative agency for weddings, parties, and digital marketing for small businesses.

  • Our Mission

    Design inspiring clothes and accessories to express oneself through their love of
    nature and color. 

  • Our Vision

    To use nature-inspired fashion designs to bring joy and color in people’s everyday life.

  • Our Values

    • Creativity: Of the Heart & Mind.
    • Honesty: Be Fair. Be Genuine.
    • Quality: What we do, we do well.
    • Beauty: Inspired by Nature.
    • Innovation: In Art & Technology.
  • Responsive.

    Fast delivery and responsive turn around times ensures you receive your products promptly.

  • Care.

    Each product is hand packed with love and care.

  • Eco Conscious.

    All products are made from non animal sourced material. No inventory means less waste because products are made to order.

  • Unique.

    All designs are styled and hand drawn by Mary.

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